Loyalty Solution for OXXO

UX and Product Design
Case challenge
OXXO is the largest chain of convenience stores in Latin America, with over 20.000 stores, and a growing number of banking and payment services. OXXO tasked IceMobile with supplying a 360-degree loyalty solution that would reward its customers across its different services.
Project overview
IceMobile's loyalty platform enabled OXXO to do campaign management and customer management, while being fully integrated into OXXO's systems. Additionally, we created apps for web, iOS and Android, where OXXO customers could collect points, receive notifications, redeem rewards, and even gift their points to friends.

The solution was launched on April 2019 under the name OXXO Premia, and since then a large number of new functionalities have been developed in close collaboration between OXXO and IceMobile.
I was involved at two different moments with this project. First, only responsible of the app design and then in the lead for both the web-app and loyalty platform designs.

My responsibilities during my latest involvement in the project included:
— UX/UI design lead of end-to-end solution (Overseeing process and output of design team)
— Direct collaboration with client for scoping & definition of new functionalities
— Direct collaboration with development teams for implementation of new functionalities
— Set up and management of web-app and platform design systems
My contributions
UX Designer (App)
Jan. 2019 — May 2019
UX Design (Web-app & Platform)
Mar. 2020 — Apr. 2021