Parking like a pro

Digital product design
Case challenge
Parking rules for shared micro-mobility vehicles are complex and not self-evident. They are usually determined by the city government and can, in some cases, dramatically change from one area to another.

This is a cause of frustration for users, who usually discover the rules too late, and are not allowed to end their ride at their destination because they are not parked properly.

A user that encounters an issue when parking is left with two options: they either spend more riding time and money trying to figure out the rules by themselves or leave the vehicle badly parked and risk a fine.

Either options are bad end experiences that stick with them, while also having a lot of negative consequences for Dott (relocation costs, disputed and refunded fines, reputation of cluttering the city).
Project overview
As a team we dived into the data to identify ways to solve this problem for our users and, to our surprise, we discovered that more than half of the users trying to park away from a parking spot are as little as 100 meters away from it (or less!).

This left us with the question, can we nudge these users to go those extra meters, if we remove the need for them to figure out where the parking spots are?

This solution explores exactly this. It proactively provides the user with a list of parking spots closest to their destination at the moment of arrival. The user can then follow the route on the map to get to the exact location where they will be allowed to park.
My contributions
Senior Product Designer
Sep. 2021 — Sep. 2022
At Dott, I worked as a designer within a scrum team responsible for the core experience in the app. This included anything that happens between the moment a user finds a vehicle, unlocks it, rides it to their destination and parks.

My responsibilities included:

— Working in close liaison with the product manager and engineering team to bring improvements and new functionalities to the app
— Facilitation of discovery and scoping sessions with team
— Analysis of research insights & data and to spot opportunities in the team's domain, and set success metrics of new functionalities.
— Design of app's information architecture, user flows, interaction and visual design
— Setting up and maintaining a cohesive design system together with the designers in other teams