Your daily shopping, like nowhere else

UX design and strategy
Case challenge
Azbuka Vkusa is one of Russia's leading supermarkets, based in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. AV is know for their commitment to high quality products from all around the world, and their outstanding service in stores.

However, AV knew their online experience was not on par with their brand promise and partnered with IceMobile to help them rethink their digital strategy, bring daily relevance to their loyalty program and renew their e-commerce app from the ground up.
Project overview
Your daily shopping, like nowhere else was the result of a close collaboration between IceMobile and Azbuka Vkusa, during which we were given the room to dive deep into their customers motivations, rethink AV's digital positioning and co-create an online user experience that felt both refreshing and truth to AV's promise.

The resulting new app (launched early 2021) not only showcases AV's commitment to high quality products, but it surprises users with an effortless online ordering journey and a legion of loyalty benefits that let you taste AV service standards from the comfort of your home, office or dacha.
My contributions
UX Designer and strategist
Dec 2019 — Sep 2020
From the beginning and during the vast majority of our collaboration, I was the lead designer in the team.
My responsibilities included:

— Liaison between client and IceMobile and direct collaboration with client's stakeholders
— Facilitation of discovery and scoping sessions with client
— Analysis of user research data and spotting strategic opportunities based on it
— Outline of new digital strategy and roadmap of milestones
— Design of app's information architecture, user flows and interaction design
— Ensure the quality of team's output

"IceMobile team did an amazing job! This is the new loyalty strategy we were looking for, fresh & innovative. I hope you will remain our strategy partner for the future." — Board member of Azbuka Vkusa.